"एक लड़की की शादी के लिए, माता-पिता सालों पैसा जोड़ते हैं। इसी लिए, जैसे ही मैंने जॉब शुरू की, मैंने अपनी पहली तनख्वाह से अपना पहला निवेश किया ताकि मैं अपनी शादी में खुद योगदान कर सकूँन और उनका भोज हल्का कर सकूँ।"

Pooja Mokashi, 26

Brand Manager

Once I started working, my father asked me to send ₹5000 back home every month as a contribution to the household expenses. Little did I know he was investing that money in SIP every month for my higher education.

Banda Mann Singh, 24

Digital Marketer

I am a school teacher and most of the time I am the one giving lessons to kids. But the biggest learning for me came from my daughter when she started working for a finance company. Her first day at work was my first day of investment.

Nipa Mehta, 48

School Teacher

When I chose film-making as my career, my family was worried of my irregular income. I did my research and made sure I keep aside a part of my income every time to invest in mutual funds so they will have to worry less about my future.

Jinit Ghelani, 23

Independent Film Maker

I asked my 4 year old, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “Pilot”, she exclaimed! Just after that, I made my first investment so I could collect enough to give flight to her dreams in the future.

Gurunath Viswanathan, 33

Data Consultant

Main har kaam soch samajh ke karta hun. Stock markets mein directly paisa daalna mujhe risky laga, toh finally last year mein apna pehla mutual fund investment kiya, kyunki mujhe yeh safer option laga.

Ankit Verma, 31

Theatre Actor

I think I am one of the earliest investors of mutual fund in India. I made my first investment in the year 1986 and have been investing since, reaping its rewards till date.

Dipak M, 78

Retired Accountant

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